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We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.


STARDIGIPAYMENT-RECHARGE | BILL PAYMENT |AEPS |MONEY TRANSFER has dedicated a team to help you through everything you need right from the beginning until the end. We are always putting our partner's satisfaction on high priority and put our best efforts to give a smart move to their hard work by providing them a user-friendly technology, more than expected service and support so that they can get best from us and best from their investment. We are always available for solving your queries and to help you out in any issues related to our platform.


To innovate, develop and harness technology, and to enable real time service delivery for Money Transfer, Mobile, DTH and Bill Payments platforms is 's promise to its customers. STARDIGIPAYMENT-RECHARGE | BILL PAYMENT |AEPS |MONEY TRANSFER will continue to facilitate E & M-commerce through the convergence of technologies. Edge Money will continuously develop newer and special applications suited for remote customers in rural locations where service delivery is inefficient due to lack of infrastructure. STARDIGIPAYMENT-RECHARGE | BILL PAYMENT |AEPS |MONEY TRANSFER will build a low cost payments service delivery infrastructure available nationwide, integrated with Aadhaar, that can be shared by corporates, banks, and telcos, alike.

Successful Projects

Our services and solutions help in the growth of our clients’ businesses and make sure that they are in sync with all the top trends of the moment.

Unlimited Support

We are always there for our clients whenever they need us and we try and provide unlimited support to them. You can trust us to give enough attention and time to solve all your problems.

Latest Technologies

We use all the latest technology and updated versions when it comes to our websites and software services to give you the best outcome possible.

We like to take pride in our unique and well-informed team, bringing the best pre-plans and post-executable solutions for our clients across the globe. We stand by you throughout the process, right from the inception to gaining a strong web presence online, marking your way towards success. High quality service sans compromises is what STARDIGIPAYMENT-RECHARGE | BILL PAYMENT |AEPS |MONEY TRANSFER believes in.
As one of the best Software companies in GANDHI NAGAR, DELHI. We put the clients’ needs ahead of ours and come up with state of the art technological solutions, out of the box thoughts and proactive planning for portals such as yours. We believe in achieving interactive and responsive platforms.
Executing and analysing business always requires a cognitive approach. At STARDIGIPAYMENT-RECHARGE | BILL PAYMENT |AEPS |MONEY TRANSFER , we believe in promising and delivering only the best to our customers. With us in charge, there will be no shortage of business plan layouts, followed by both proactive and reactive methods to keep the business on its toes.